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Kizzy Evaé wears multiple hats: creative director, curator, editor, photographer, speaker, stylist and writer. Simply put Kizzy is an all around creative being from the small city of Winder, Georgia now living in the Washington, DC metro area.

Grounded in her southern roots, Kizzy has always been in tune with her surroundings and developed a vast affection for history and nature as a young girl. Kizzy is a disabled army veteran, who lives and loves through PTSD. Writing has always been a safe space for Kizzy but being away from family and deployments made it even more so.

Kizzy’s love for fashion, food and nature increased as she traveled the world in the military and as a civilian. An avid foodie and photographer Kizzy shares snippets of her life and creations with the world through her photography.

Founder of Kurated the online destination for the best vintage on the east coast (accessible worldwide) Kizzy travels extensively to source the best antique and vintage items for her clients and you.

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