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PS I Love You

PS I Love you PS I Love you… Plus size I love you. PS woman shouldn’t always run to hide their bodies because society says we should cover up. We should be celebrated and that’s exactly what I did this past Saturday with my friend girls, Jen and Teena. We meet up at Embassy Row… Read More

Dew Drops

Dew Drops Ever wonder about the moisture accumulating on all that has been created in the wee hours of the morning? What do dew drops do? Dew drops add moisture, provide sustenance, wash away elements, transport organisms or to simply gather on an item and look good. What do dew drops do? Dew drops fulfill… Read More

Finding my light

Finding my light In the deep, damp darkness I sat, drenched in self-pity. Waiting to be rescued. Day after day I sat and waited, light never came, nights grew colder. My body became accustomed to the darkness, to the cold, the dampness. Days turned to weeks. As the weeks passed, loneliness showed up and decided… Read More

Take Flight; Soar

Take Flight; Soar Take Flight; Soar… stepping outside of the box and taking flight. It is time to soar. It is time to rise quickly to heights unimaginable to you. It’s time to soar. Many of us have lived in a box so long that we have no clue what it’s like to not be… Read More

Graphic Tee Please - Kizzy Evae

Graphic Tee Please

Graphic Tee Please… Listen, my closet wouldn’t be the wonderland of treasure that it is without my jean jackets, pencil skirt, graphic tee and vintage accessories. With a little imagination a graphic tee can go a long way. From brunch to a sporting event to the board room and everywhere in between. I love a… Read More